Many Metrics.
One App.

Visualize your analytics data from multiple accounts and multiple sources in one convenient app.

Create any number of dashboards to view your data - mix and match metrics from different sources to create meaningful bird's-eye-views of your data.

Google Analytics, Flurry, Piwik, Facebook, Pingdom, and more - all in one app.

Supported Services

These are the 3rd party services that Pocket Analytics currently supports. If you would like to see additional services supported, please let us know!


Social sharing and targeting platform


App Store Analytics for iOS and Android developers


Save, share & discover links


Web analytics in real time

Facebook Insights

Facebook page, application, and website domain metrics

Flurry Analytics

Mobile application analytics

Google Analytics

Enterprise-class web analytics


Uptime and performance monitoring


Open source web analytics


Visitor Analysis for Your Website

YouTube Analytics

Video metrics from YouTube