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Pocket Analytics supports most of the StatCounter API. Per-project visitors and page-view stats are reported.  Please note that API access is only available to StatCounter customers with any upgraded StatCounter account - free StatCounter accounts do not have API access, and will not work with Pocket Analytics.

In order to connect to your paid StatCounter account, you will need two things:

  • your Account ID OR Username
  • your API Password

In order to get these, you need to log in to your account on StatCounter, and then visit a special page:

You can set your API password to use either account-based or username-based API access - Pocket Analytics supports both.  The same data is available with both methods - StatCounter currently recommends username based API access.

Once you have created your password, enter it along with your Account ID or Username into Pocket Analytics, and you're all set!


  • There is no way to obtain your account name through the StatCounter API, so make sure you enter something meaningful in Pocket Analytics.
  • There will need to be at least one visit recorded in a project for Pocket Analytics to recognize it.

All communication with the StatCounter API is encrypted using https.