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Visualize your analytics data from multiple accounts and multiple sources in one convenient app.

Create any number of dashboards to view your data - mix and match metrics from different sources to create meaningful bird's-eye-views of your data.

Google Analytics, Flurry, Piwik, Facebook, Pingdom, and more - all in one app.

Supported Services

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YouTube Analytics

Pocket Analytics provides analytics for regular YouTube accounts. If you are interested in seeing your YouTube CMS account analytics in Pocket Analytics, please get in touchwith us.

YouTube uses OAuth to authenticate users of their API.  This means that we will open a web browser within Pocket Analytics where you can log in to YouTube using your Google account.

You will then be asked to grant Pocket Analytics access to your YouTube Analytics Data and your email address.  We ask for access to your email address so that we can identify your account to you - it is encrypted on the device, and never sent anywhere.

Once permission is granted, Google will provide an Access Token to Pocket Analytics, which will be used in all future communication to retrieve your YouTube analytics data from Google.  Note that these Access Tokens eventually expire.  When they expire, you can simply re-authorize yourself, and you will immediately have access to all your data again.

All communication with the YouTube API is encrypted using https.